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The school started, with 10 students, in 1983 as a one-year in-house institute of Kingdom Worship Center whose purpose was to train and equip leaders for ordination and licensure. The classes met weekly at Bethel Holy Tabernacle, and all classes were taught by Bishop Dr. Ralph L. Dennis, the church’s senior pastor. The school, then, did not offer any degrees or certificates as individuals who completed the training were ordained as Deacons and Elders or licensed as Ministers.

The institute continued to offer training as stated above until 1996 when it moved to Kingdom Worship Center. At that juncture, it was re-named Kingdom School of Ministry and its program expanded so that most students underwent training for 2 years. The institution trained between 45-50 students during that period. More teachers were hired on part-time basis as the demand increased. In addition, the school started training leaders from other Baltimore/Washington churches.

In 2004, the school’s curriculum broadened again, and was re-named Perfecting The Saints Leadership Institute. In 2006, the institution earned certification status from Maryland Higher Education Commission in the state of Maryland, allowing it to offer religious degrees. Accordingly, more courses were developed, subject matter widened and the Associate of Arts (Practical Ministry) curriculum established. Additionally, the Music Academy was launched; the aim was to provide courses in worship as well as impart skills in playing keyboard and wind-based instruments.

In 2007, the school was re-named Dominion Leadership University, and the first graduation ceremony held on July 7. The college awarded 16 students the Associate of Arts (Practical Ministry) degree. The A.A. (Practical Ministry) has since been further developed. Furthermore, the Certificate in Christian Leadership, the B.A. (Ministry) and the B.A. (Biblical Studies) have been started.

The school continues to offer training to leaders of local churches as well as students who either plan to pursue ministerial vocations, or who seek an in-depth study of the salvific word of God. Since its inception, the school has trained over 1000 Christian leaders from both the local congregation and other local churches.


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Dominon Leadership University is an affliate of Kingdom Worship Center and the Synergy Center